900MHz Explorer Block

900MHz Explorer Block

$ 74.33

NOTE: This product is the Explorer board only, with no Intel Edison included. We also carry Intel Edisons with Jubilinux pre-installed. You'll need an Edison to get going with the Explorer block, and this makes it easy.

Explore the 900MHz and 868MHz ISM bands with the new 900MHz Explorer Block!


  • General purpose ISM band transceiver
  • 915MHz US ISM and 868MHz EU License Exempt
  • Versatile wireless development board for prototyping
  • Up to 10dBm output power (10 mW)
  • Receive sensitivity as low as -110dBm
  • Up to 500kBaud data rate
  • On board trace antenna
  • Usable with Intel Edison or stand-alone
  • Includes USB Host and UART ports for Edison
  • Intel Edison Library controls frequency, transmission control, communications protocol and more
  • On-board LiPo battery charger
  • Open hardware design

    Intel Edison Software Library: https://github.com/EnhancedRadioDevices/915MHzEdisonExplorer_SW
    rfcat Library: https://github.com/EnhancedRadioDevices/rfcat
    CC111x Firmware: https://github.com/EnhancedRadioDevices/subg_rfspy
    Open Hardware Design Files: https://github.com/EnhancedRadioDevices/915MHzEdisonExplorer


    For more information or support, email sales@enhancedradio.com

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