Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma

Update 9/13/2017:

Our business is operating normally, however, the storm aftermath has introduced shipping delays. Our shipping partners (DHL, FedEx, UPS) are working to normalize their operations and eliminate the package backlog. Also, a package enroute to our Deerfield Beach, FL fulfillment center should finally be delivered on 9/13 or 9/14, restocking several items. This includes HamShield and Intel Edison. We apologize for the delays and our hearts go out to the 15 million Floridians without electricity and clean water.

Update 9/12/2017: 

Our contract fulfillment center has resumed normal operations. FedEx and DHL shipping is still experiencing disruptions, so some shipments may experience storm related delays.

Update 9/11/2017:

Our contract fulfillment center reports that their Deerfield Beach, FL building experienced no storm damage. It currently has internet access and power. Employees will be returning to work tomorrow (Tues 9/12/2017) where they will start filling the order backlog. 

Our shipment of HamShields, which was supposed to go to our contract fulfillment center, is currently in the hands of UPS. It may take a few days for this to be delivered and processed. Because of this, HamShield will probably not ship until later this week. Explorer Block and Intel Edison will ship normally.

While we were lucky, many people were not so lucky and severely impacted by the storm. Everyone impacted across the Southeastern United States and the Caribbean are in our thoughts.

Original Post:

Due to hurricane Irma, its immediate impact on our Deerfield Beach, FL contract fulfillment center, and the safety of their employees, we will be delaying all shipping until next week. Our fulfillment center will be closed Friday and reopening sometime next week once conditions improve. Our HamShield delivery to the fulfillment center has also been delayed due to UPS employee safety, so any HamShield orders will be delayed as well.

Our contract fulfillment center is located in a new construction building, designed to withstand the worst of storms. However, we ask for your patience in this matter as people are more important than replaceable things.

Hurricane Irma has caused substantial damage in the wake of its path, and our best wishes are with anyone affected by this tragedy. We hope for a speedy recovery of all impacted areas within the Caribbean as well as mainland Florida.

We will be updating this page as the situation progresses.